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How are copper roofing sheets & panels fixed to a roof?

Copper sheets or panels are fixed to the roof using clips – either fixed or sliding – allowing the copper to expand and contract alongside changes in the temperature. If the copper were to be fixed rigidly, the sheets may well split with changes in temperature.

What are the different laying methods?

Laying methods include:

Batten roll or standing seams
Integral clipping
Sliding/colliseau joints clips can also be used

What underlay should you use?

Klober Permosec

How much does copper weigh?
Approximately per square meter sheet, 0.6mm is 5kg and 0.7mm is 6 kg
What is the lifespan of a copper roof?
With a correctly designed and installed roof, the lifespan can be in excess of 100 years.
What finishes are available for copper?
There are a variety of finishes available for copper, including: Bright milled Brown Bright Pre-oxidised Pre-patinated Post-patinated
What are the benefits of a copper roof?

Copper roofs are cost-effective, lightweight and flexible.

Why does copper turn green?
Copper is known to turn green, and this is due to chemical reactions with the elements. The pale green outer layer that copper gains when in contact with rain, wind, snow and sun is called a patina.
How long does it take for copper to turn green?
The reactions which turn copper green take around 15-20 years. The green verdigris patina can form within just a few hours however if the relevant treating solution is not applied to the copper right away following its installation.

Why pay for something
every 10 or 15 years when
you can pay once last over
100 years

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