Fabrication Services

Fabrication Services

Custom Architectural Metal Details

Custom Weathervanes

Copper Exhaust Vents

Custom Finials

Chimney Flashing

Custom Skylights

Ridge Cresting

Roofing fabrication is the process of constructing components of roofs such as panels, tiles, shingles, or flashings.

In other words, roof fabrication services allow you to construct components that are essential to the roofing system and usually involve bending, cutting, and shaping materials such as metals and plastics.

These roofing materials are then cut or shaped into the desired shape and size and joined with other components to create an effective roofing system. 

The quality of fabricated roofs plays a crucial role in the performance and endurance (or longevity) of the roofing system. For instance, if a contractor or manufacturer uses poor material, the roofing system may fail due to structural damage and decreased efficiency, which will result in costly repairs.

It is therefore important to hire the best roof fabrication services provider to ensure you get the best material at the best possible price. And we at Vintage Copper and Slate do just that.

Our team comprises seasoned experts who’ve been in the roofing business for decades. We use the latest technology, the most skilled and equipped hands to ensure you get quality fabrication services at the best price with a guaranteed warranty.

Our Fabrication Services in a Nutshell


  • Custom Architectural Metal Details

We have worked on unique projects and honed the experience and expertise to work on a wide range of roof tiles, frames, and accessories. Our custom architectural metal details are not just highly functional but are also cost-effective and highly sustainable.

  •  Custom Finials

Our clients have demanded custom finials in the colors, shapes, and sizes of their choice.

We have created highly efficient finials that aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional with respect to ventilation purposes. 

We can design and replicate any design or shape to match your needs and use only the best quality to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Moreover, since every finial is custom designed, we pay extra attention to details and can fabricate these items with copper (lead copper, patina copper, and freedom gray) or aluminum (mill finish).

  • Custom Skylights

Custom skylights are a great way to play with natural light and ventilation. We at Vintage Copper and Slate can customize skylights based on your needs after thoroughly studying your home’s structure and capacity.

  • Custom Weathervanes

Most of our clients prefer custom weathervanes in unique designs and colors. We design and build weathervanes that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also made of the finest material to endure all weathers.

Fabrication service
  • Chimney Flashing

Chimney flashings are essential in homes that have to withstand heavy rains and extreme weather and need to withstand water damage, leakage, and penetration.

  •  Ridge Cresting

While many of our clients use ridge cresting as an aesthetic element, it also helps prevent birds from nesting or sitting at the top of your roof. In addition to that, with ridge casting you can keep water out of your roof and prevent the tiles from water damage. Moreover, they can be designed to add aesthetic appeal to your home and protect timber, weaker roofs, and loft space from water or snow damage.  

  •  Copper exhaust vents

If you are in need of quality and structurally sound copper exhaust vents, we have got you covered. We provide highly durable copper vents in various shapes and sizes that will ensure effective ventilation.

No matter what kind of fabrication services you are looking for, we at Vintage Copper and Slate are known for providing top-notch fabrication services at the best price.

Give us a ring today if we’ve piqued your interest!