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Winter isn’t complete without spending some time by the fireplace with family and a warm cup of tea in hand. Especially for those that live in the colder regions, the fireplace is widely used in the fall and winter, yet many forget to inspect their chimney, fireplace, and siding on a regular basis.

Ideally, homeowners should get their chimneys inspected every year for aging, hazardous residue, cracks, and installation mishaps. While chimney and fireplace cleaning is best left to the professionals, many homeowners prefer to do it themselves, thinking it is more cost-effective.

While that may be true, what they fail to understand is that the fireplace and chimney are dangerous areas to operate, fix, and clean. This is why only professionals should be looking into all the chimney and siding services.

We at Vintage Copper and Slate, are known for our
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Importance of Chimney Services and Siding Services

Chimneys tend to be damaged by extreme weather, age, and environmental factors. Therefore, it is important to seek regular maintenance and repairs to improve longevity.

Chimney maintenance includes regular cleaning, repairs, and rebuilding or replacement, depending on the state of the chimney. Moreover, when it comes to siding, it is also best to regularly inspect the siding and repair or replace it as needed.

In a nutshell, chimney services and siding services should only be performed by experts who have the tools, expertise, and experience to ensure the job is done well. 

Our Chimney Services and Siding Services in a Nutshell


Check out our chimney and siding services below:

  • Chimney Rebuilding 

Extreme weather, a lack of maintenance, and the age of the chimney are some of the reasons why chimneys tend to suffer damage. This usually requires a team of experts to look into the chimney rebuilding process.

Chimney rebuilding, in simple terms, is the means of repairing or rebuilding a damaged chimney. This is an occasional yet necessary means of monitoring and maintaining the health of your chimney.

Moreover, it improves the ventilation of the house and stops water leaks around the chimney.

Further, it requires less maintenance and also increases the home’s resale value.

    • Chimney Repointing  

    Chimney repointing is the process of restoring the decayed mortar with new material to strengthen the structural integrity of the chimney. 

    With chimney repointing, you basically prevent moisture from seeping into mortar joints that are exposed or damaged. 

    During this process, a skilled mason will take out the damaged and or decayed mortar joints and fill them in with new mortar.

    • Cedar Siding 

    Cedar siding comes in various styles like shingles, shakes, clapboard, or trim boards. One of the perks of cedar siding is that it is highly durable and naturally moisture- and decay-resistant. 

    What makes cedar siding a top choice is that it is also a natural insect repellant and can last up to 60 years without any damage, given proper maintenance is involved.

    For those looking to save money, cedar siding is a great option, as it is also an excellent insulator. It keeps the warm air in winter and cool air in summer. Since it is also weather-resistant, it reduces the cost of internal structural damage.

    • Pine Siding

    Pine is a great choice for exterior siding since it is highly durable, rot-resistant, and affordable.

    Moreover, pine siding lasts longer and is a high-quality product that is also aesthetically pleasing. 

    • Engineered Wood Siding

    Engineered wood siding is a great alternative to real wood siding. Moreover, it is made up of thin wood strips that have been pressed together with resin, which makes it a toy and insect-resistant. 

    Best of all, it is easier to maintain and lasts a really long time with proper maintenance.

    • Roofing Related Carpentry

    Roofing related carpentry can include anything from framing to roof trusses to building insulation and coating.

    Whatever chimney services or siding services you need, we at Vintage Copper and Slate provide everything and more.

    To ensure our customers get the best deal and lowest cost in the long-run, we inspect, consult, and provide optimal solutions.

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